So i tried to make a small animation


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This is not quite the first time, but i would say this is the first time i’ve ever done this properly and seriously

astonished10 frames, hand drawn, and i know, i failed with her hair, but still, i’m quite happy with this, a good start for further animations 🙂

I will definitely make more of this. I have to practice more with hair’s movement and the size of character (I noticed i draw her bigger each time – well i can say like.. “I did that on purpose because she’s surprised! It’s an exaggeration!” But anyway, I still need to be able to control it.

Also I am so very much grateful with those anime gif maker on tumblr, I can just put gifs in photoshop and see how animators drew each frame 🙂 I wish there was a slowmotion function in VLC or Quicktime player… Wait, do they have slow motion function? I haven’t checked that out!

Recently i’m watching Nichijou again and I finally noticed how well made Nichijou’s animation is… by the way I’m soooo in love with Hakase <or Professor>, Nano and Sakamoto, oh why are they so amazingly adorable?

Happy birthday Pappee!


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And when it comes to somebody’s birthday, of course, a new portrait, as usual.

It was my dad’s birthday yesterday (3rd Jan), i’m a bit late (as usual, again.) but well, better than nothing 😛

This year he has gotten 1 year older, but i’ll always draw him as young as his soul 😉

paapa2013And this is not the best part, check out the portrait i made for him last year, and what i see is, Progress!

488748856(don’t ask me why he’s so dark… i don’t know why i made him ultra dark either)

Anyway, practice makes perfect, and I promise i will do better!



Koyomel Doughnut.



I met a Pedophile!

So since today is the first day of the year 2013, I decided to take a walk to the city to see if anything special is happening.

Today I dressed like how I used to dress a year ago and felt soo comfortable: A bit boyish, rock-ish, punk-ish and artistist-ish 😛


Too bad nothing was happening in the city: Luckily I brought my sketchbook and started to sit in the middle of the city square to sketch.

Sorry for the bad quality

Sorry for the bad quality

Later, because I was cold and it was getting dark, I decided to buy food and walked home.

And guess what, on the way home near the station, I met an old man, around 45-50 years old, white hair, white beard. He asked me about the train, apparently his train would come in 1 hour.

So he said…”Oh, 1 hour.. that’s too long, I need somebody to be with me until then…”

Me – “Have you eaten dinner? Maybe I can show you a place to eat. And you can eat until the train comes”

Him – “Yes I ate, but 1 hour is too long, I need somebody to be with me” (yes, he said it for the second time)

So the little naïve Koyo thought, “well, it’s the first day of the New Year, probably I could be nice… It’s only 1 hour anyway.. And he seems nice” (Normally good kid Koyo would never hang out with a stranger, I’ve been told from mommy and big sister so many times – don’t follow strangers.)

Me – “Okay, I can show you around the city until the train comes.”

Him – “Oh! Nice!, I have wine with me, you can drink with me!”

Me – “Sorry, I don’t drink.. but thank you :D”

Him  – “No, it’s really light, it’s alcohol for woman!”

Me – “Okay, maybe a little bit..”

Him – “Nice, so now we will find a place where we can drink together, you take me!”

Me – “Yep, we can go to the Oude Markt, there are a lot of cafes there, and my name is Koyo. Nice to meet you, happy new year!”

And he told me his name (I forgot what his name was right after i heard it, i would never see him again anyway), we shake hands and he gave me a kiss on the cheek.

(Till that time I still haven’t noticed anything strange)

And on the way to the Oude Markt, he started to talk about… He was working in Germany at a petrol.. pump..? or something like that, and was telling he was single (not only once, twice), and started to say something like.. “Maybe you, and me, could become a family”

And I was like…No no no, and laughed.

Then I finally got the situation I was in.



Him – “No! we could become family, later! Later!”

Me – “*shakes head* AHAHAHAHAHA Nooo.”

Him – “Later? Or you already have somebody?”

Me- “Yes.” (And that’s a lie) And i changed topic right away.

Me – “Oh, I forgot to tell you, in my city, we cannot drink in the street. There are a few café’s open. “

And he was trying to ask maybe he could come to my house and drink, and I was like… NO. He asked me twice and I said No twice. Of course.

So I tried to choose the busiest café, and sat there.

I ordered Macchiato, and he did, too.

Pedophile – “Well, I don’t like coffee, but if you like coffee, I like it, too”.

Shit.. I still have 30 minutes to go… Darn it!

Him – “Oh, we only have 30 minutes.. Such a short time.. Such a short time…”

And tbh I was afraid he would say something and I have to deal with it, I started to talk like a machinegun, so he had no chance to speak

Me – “You know, this city is small but very nice, look, over there is a church, if you go that way is the city center, the buildings are very nice, people are very nice… You should get to know this city!”

Him – “Oh!! So you mean tonight I should stay with you?”

Me – “AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Nonononono. “


I don’t really remember how the conversation went, but he was talking about me, and him, together, and I had to tell him “No, sorry, I don’t think so. Now i’m just trying to help you until your train comes”

Him – “Okay, i know, i know. Maybe you have some girlfriends, and you can help me?”

At this point I was like.. phew, so I’m safe…

Me – “I don’t know, I’ve never done it before, I don’t’ think I can help you…”

Him – “You could try, and if I don’t find anybody, and you can’t find anybody for me, maybe you can help me.. You know, I, and you, can try”


Him – “Really? Can I have her number?”

Me- “Aw, I’m sorry, I don’t know her number (That’s a lie)… I only see her once of twice a year… And actually I think she’s too young for you…”

Him – “How old is she?”

Me – “Around… 16?” (That’s a lie, too)

Him – “Oh!! That’s really nice, even better!”

Yes. He’s a total pedophile…

Me – “But I don’t have her number…”

Him – “Maybe I can have your number?”

Me – “Uhm.. I don’t remember my number actually, but I can try…”

And he pulled out his phone… I pulled out my phone too and was thinking thinking thinking… Ugh what should I do?

Me – “I will try if I can get my number.. I will find it in my phone”

And I was scrolling through my contact list to find some hope… And luckily I had a phone number of a dude who used to live in the Netherlands, and I was sure this phone number was not in use anymore.

I typed it down in his phone, and saved it under my name, but misspelled.

Me – “Yep!, there you go.”

Him – “Did you save it with your name?”

Me – “Yes 😀 “

And he actually tried to call…

Him – “Hey, this number is not good!”

Me – “What? What does it say?”

Him – “It says this number is not in use”

Me- “Ohhh, I must have remembered the wrong number, let me try again…”

So I switched places of 2 numbers, and called to see what would happen.

And sure the Devine loves me, when I called the mysterious number; it gave 2 “toots” and stopped, like the phone was unable to reach.

Then I said

“Oh no! My phone is out of battery!”

And turned off my phone.

“But here, it should be the right number! You can try. But my phone is dead.”

I looked at the time again.. Oh god, 15 minutes to go, why is the time so slow? So I pulled out my sketchbook and started to brag my drawing and asked him “Do you like art??”

Him – “No.”


He was also talking so many times about we could see each other again in my city OR at his city, that if I came to his city I could stay at his place, or even in Amsterdam he had a flat, he had a car that he could take me everywhere, and I was like AHAHAHA NO, I DON’T THINK SO, he was even asking me like.. maybe we could see again, tomorrow? In 2 days? When are you free?? (I tried to dodge and lie as much as possible of course)

I was even thinking about lying to him him that i was a lesbian so he would leave me alone XD

And then he started to talk about how he didn’t like Dutch people and how he liked Asians.

Me – “Oh!, then you should visit Asia, it’s very nice!”

Him – “Yes, I know, they have nice body, nice face..”

Me – “AHAHAHAHAHAAAHA no, I mean the buildings, the cultures, etc.”

Oh, my, effing, god.

So, clearly, in this old man’s head, there is only woman, woman – oh wait, i was wrong, LITTLE GIRLS, LITTLE GIRLS, and is a completely perfect pervert… I can clearly imagine him “buying” an Asian wife from a small village – like those sick and rich Korean old men do to “change a girl’s life and make her dream come true”.. And apparently those men will be jailed for quite a while for tricking and murdering innocent girls.. I’ve seen so many news like that on Vietnamese newspaper.

Him – “But I don’t think I can find anybody as nice as you, you have nice eyes, nice face..”

And he stroke my cheek, I was like EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and dodged.

At this point I started to freak out, and “oh look, we have only 10mins!!!! “

So he went to the counter to pay and I was thinking

“Oh my god, should I just run now??” “But today is the first day of the year, poor him and etc., ughhh”

And wow, Koyo was still sitting there waiting for him.

Then I walked him to the station.

I was trying to take him on brightest and crowded street, not just to be safe but also to waste time, so he would not have any free time to do anything to me. When we reached the station, the train was there and was gonna leave in 1 min, the leaving bell already rang and I shouted “YOU HAVE TO GO NOW OR YOU WILL MISS THE TRAIN” so i can panic him

If i were him, i would rush to the train right away, but he was sooo calm… wow, such a gentleman, of course we need to say goodbye… we shake hand again and he tried to kiss me, I dodged it twice so he kissed on my cheeks, and when he tried to kiss on my lips, I laughed and said NO. He ran to the train and I dashed as fast as I could out of the station, hoping he did make it to the train or else he’s gonna stay in my city for a few days.

I was laughing like crazy when I dashed home, and as soon as I came home, I pulled the curtain, and also used a chair to block the door (I know that’s too much but I just wanted to try it once – I have seen it in cartoon and movies, you know), and too bad the chair is too short to reach the door handle… fail.

Sooo that was my start for 2013, an adventure, a proposal, a free macchiato, a bit freaking out, a few compliments on drawing, a lot of lies, anyway it was so much fun 😀

Hope I will never see him again,


Koyomel ❤

Happy new year 2013!!


kachiuI wish you all luck and may all your wishes come true this year ❤ Success in everything 🙂

I was listening to the radio and i got this song when it turns 2013 so i will just post it.. hihi ^_^ This song reminds me so much about the US. It was on radio almost every time i listened to it ahaha

So i’m just sitting at home celebrating new year with 2 cats, eating vla and oliebollen ❤ in my city, the firework was everywhere since 7pm, and at 12am, it got soooo much “worse” 😀

And omg there is this couple they made my day, they just randomly set up fireworks on the street i live on and brightened up my window ❤ seems like they were setting up fireworks around the city ! i love them ❤ So from my window, 180 degrees all firework on the sky!

Fireworks are just so amazing, aren’t they?

Sooooo it was such an amazing start of the year, i wish you guys also will have an amazing year too, my 2013 is just so promising 🙂

By the way, i start praticing western comic style, if you’ve noticed! I will talk about it more specifically later 😉

Love and love and love,


[Tutorial]Gleaming Background


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Sooo this is my first ever tutorial! yay! (Sorry i didn’t know what to call this background..)

This is step by step spontaneous background for everybody, with only water color, paper and salt you can make something like this, or even prettier, make it however you want it! :3

Background of this:

merryChristmas2012 Or random milky way-ish background like this

2012-12-22 20.29.57

Let’s just start.

First off, all you need is just:

Water color (mine is Van Gogh), a brush, watercolor paper (mine is canson), lots of water, salt, and a napkin (mine was from burger king, im not sure if toilet paper makes any difference, but different paper type gives different effect)

(Ignore the Kyuubey, also i forgot to put napkin in the picture)

2012-12-28 16.21.45

Step 1- Go ahead and put as much water as you want on paper

2012-12-28 16.23.00

Step 2 – Attack with color, whatever color you wish

2012-12-28 16.23.31I personally like to put blue and then blend it with yellow, so i have this yellow – green – blue gradient

2012-12-28 16.25.14

Step 3 – Tilt the paper so the water will run around. I have an impression that by this, colors blend in better.

2012-12-28 16.25.46

Step 4 – So now crush the napkin and stamp on paper, the better napkin’s shape is, the prettier result you get. I failed this time.

2012-12-28 16.27.02

Step 5 – Let’s make the paper salty.

2012-12-28 16.27.23wait for a few minutes and this is what you’ll get :3

2012-12-28 16.29.22You can already stop here if you’re satisfied, BUT because i am greedy,

Step 6 – Add darker colors in to make it more vivid.

2012-12-28 16.29.48

Don't fill the whole area, but only on random spots.

Don’t fill the whole area, but only on random spots.

Here’s my favorite part,

Step 7 – Dry up your brush by wiping it on napkin

my other hand was holding the camera..

my other hand was holding the camera..

..And soak up some color on the edge to fade the color out, leaving some harsh edges and blurry edges

2012-12-28 16.31.59

Keep wiping your brush and soaking up colors

Repeat this dry-brush fade-out process until you are satisfied with what you have

2012-12-28 16.33.05

Step 8 – Put salt on again.

This time, only on some few spots, i put extra salt on those spots that look bad. (yes the bottom part)

2012-12-28 16.34.18Step 9 – Wait, wait, wait and wonder if step 4 was needed.

Step 10 – Protect your work from an enemy

2012-12-28 16.50.38And voila~

2012-12-28 16.59.39Keep the salts on or not, is up to you, but because the salts stick really hard to paper, i don’t even try. Also salt actually looks cool to me, tbh.

There is kind of similar thing to this too, (i mentioned it before as “milky way”), the only difference is you just need to put water on random spots, but not the entire area,

2012-12-28 16.41.31

What i like about this method is when i put random strokes, the color meets both dry and wet areas, it gives harsh and blurry spots.

Maybe you can even paint clouds this way.. but i haven’t figured it out yet.

I messed it up quite badly, but why don’t you paint it in your way ^_^

xoxoxoxoxoxo Koyomel.

[PP]The Sweet Rabbit Chase

Long time no post XD Merry Christmas everyone!!! Today i will upload 3 posts in a row~ Yay.

From now on *sometimes* i will update [Painting Process] posts just to show you guys developments of my paintings. They are not like tutorials, but i hope you will like them..

And you will see how important improvising and faking is

So the first PP post will be The Sweet Rabbit Chase

Sweet Rabbit Chase

Sweet Rabbit Chase

Sweet rabbit chase - rough sketch

Rough sketch



Rose Forrest

Rose Forrest

color, color, color

color, color, color

Line- And complete.

Line, water color pencil (to give the painting more contrast and make it vivid)

The traditional medium i always use is Watercolor (Van Gogh) and Watercolor Pencil, with support of  waterproof steadler pens.

In this The Sweet Rabbit Chase, It took me around 7-10 hours (including messing around, waiting for the color to dry, eating, watching anime, chasing cat, etc.) Also i think extra time was wasted due to the wrong type of paper… (This paper doesn’t soak water :C This is Canson paper for Acrylic, size A3.)

So in all the areas that i messed up, I use water color pencil to cover it up. Such as the dress and the ribbon of Alice.

I always forget to take picture of every step i make, so i dont find this quite helpful… I will try to have that habit from now on.

My original one shot manga “Onebrella” is published!


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Yayyyy im so happy!

Onebrella on Aniway30So this is my first time ever having my comic on a well-known magazine ^^

The magazine is called Aniway, and the issue with my manga in it is 30 :3 (freshly published yesterday!)

You can read the english version of this manga here.

some shots from the manga:

Screen Shot 2012-11-06 at 7.21.10 PM Screen Shot 2012-11-06 at 11.17.18 PM

This “Onebrella” is nearly completed, so if you are interested in reading the complete version (actually im just missing sound effects.. and a bonus page + cover),PLEASE FIND PHANTOM NIGHT’S BOOTH in the Dealer room in Animecon 2013! ^.^

YES, the doujin circle (manga drawing circle) i’m joining is called Phantom Night, and we are going to sell our own magazine in Animecon and Abunaicon 🙂 Please come and support us! Also, YOU can also be our guest mangaka and publish your manga in our magazine! Check out here!

I’m also planning to do portrait sketches at the booth, but sorry guys, i’m not giving it away for free as usual 🙂 don’t worry, the quality will be much much better than this!

*thank you for recording this 🙂

Actually you can also pay me with food… mmmm on nom nom  :”D

-Lots of lots of love from Koyomel ❤