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As I have already mentioned before, I’ve been following Chris Oatley‘s podcast, and a few days ago I ran into an interview with Pascal Campion.

It makes me feel like I’ve been missing out so much during all these years of drawing.

“Live your life. Don’t stay in front of a computer 24hrs/day 7days/week. Go out. Explore. Fall in love. Have your heart broken. Go meet people. Travel, take a trip to the moon if you can. All those experiences are going to be your energy, your supply to put into your work. It’s not just about the visual impact, it’s about the feeling, the smell, the emotion. It will help your art, and you as a person to grow.
You’re an artist, you are here to help other people live through you. You are here to help other people look at your art to travel, escape, dream, hope.” – Pascal Campion.

Seriously, I read his blog everyday.

So here it begins, doodling with emotions. Although I bet that nobody can be as romantic as he is 😀

I have drawn comics with emotions before, but this time, I’m challenge myself to make one single painting. A painting to show how I remember it, how i felt when I heard something when needed; when I had so much fun doing crazy things; when I experienced a new emotion.

You can see how Pascal Campion heavily influenced me 😛 But I want to be more bold with colors and light like he is, and be more conscious about composition. So baby steps. 🙂


_Hey guys, let’s hold hands!

_Looks like we are summoning Satan..

_*Giggles* Just missing Yhenda (our cat)

*Next song plays*

_Oh man, this song is perfect!


_ I see dancing elephants…

_Yeah, I do too!




_Good night!

_Good night



_…Why is it so hard to let you go…



Have you ever felt something so intense it makes your head spin, turns your guts up side down, urges you to throw up?

I had. And it was terrible. I can even recall it by looking at this.


Painting with emotions – It makes you feel that feelings all over again, makes you smile, makes you cry. It makes you feel vulnerable. But I’m not afraid of being vulnerable anymore. 🙂


Talking about composition, this blog post is amazing. It analyzes cinematography of The Incredibles in details, and it blew my mind. 🙂

By the way, I have started a fanpage on facebook. If you do have facebook also, please support <3.

So many things to write after awhile, maybe I should separate posts next time. 🙂

But still, I will make more comics and animations with emotion. 🙂