This is not going to be anything exciting. Just saying 🙂 I hope Alice in wonderland and Sherlock Holmes fans are not going to flip the table. If you do, make sure you have no food spilled.

Light and color have always been fascinating for me, always, so I just wanted to draw something to practice.

Without any reason, I just wanted to draw a rabbit. So, there, a rabbit inspired by Alice in wonderland. And I was thinking of Sherlock (recently watched the series, amazing) so I thought – a trench coat.


Some of you might have something in mind, some might not. But I had no idea until my facebook friends told me that


Wait, what. Why? – I asked Google images.

This is just strange. I don´t watch Dr. Who. I have never even seen this poster.


Just thought it was a bit odd. Is this idea too mainstream or what?

Hell. I could have just used this poster as a reference if I knew it existed.


Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 14.23.45


Update: I’m back to The Netherlands! 🙂

and the Phantom Night crews are going to be in Tomofair on Sat, Oct 4

Ohhh how much I miss conventions. 🙂 Hope to see a lot of friends there!