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*Awkward laugh* hehehe…

Long time no see, people 🙂 I know that I haven’t been updating at all, but I recently decided to be more active online.
For any of you who are interested, since I disappeared from the blog, I was doing internship in Japan as a Storyboard intern at Qreazy. It was high volume workload, but definitely was awesome, and was definitely worth it.

I learned a lot, from technical skill, to communication skills. Although I was entitled “Storyboard Intern”, I was working on not only storyboards, but also concept art, background art, 3d modeling, 3d character animation, visual effects. Since it was a small company, and thanks to my boss I had a great chance to challenge myself in a lot of things.

After my internship period has finished, my minor (Something like Erasmus/exchange study) began-

and guess where I am! Barcelona 🙂 I am currently following Motion Graphic course.

Here’s my first video assignment… “Create video of your one day”. So here I shall present to you – me, in no effort of trying to look best in a video which will likely exist for at least the next 2 decades. (I was too lazy to do “real” make up )


Camera: Ougenedub,

Angel: Lola Suleimanova (polevayatrava) Follow this beauty on Instagram! 🙂

To be honest, peeps, I just wanted to be done with this assignment. All these footages were recorded in total 2,5 hours, I know, terrible 😛 I was too rushing to even care about the quality of these shots. (And for those who study film, you can see I have broken 180 rule in the store xD)

Frankly, the “story” makes me proud enough to not be ashamed of all the bad lightning, the awkward actor, the way-too-long-shots to share it with you guys 😀

In addition, since I broke one of Pixar’s story telling rules : Rule #19: Coincidences to get characters into trouble are great; coincidences to get them out of it are cheating. (they are precious rules, by the way!).

I’m talking about this scene where my angel with a donut walks by, without any reason, she turns around and gives me a donut. (Error 404: Logic Not Found).
I am still thinking and haven’t got to any conclusion of how to make this story better (by “better”, I mean “to not to break this rule”)

What do you guys think about this matter? I’d be happy if you share your thought! 🙂

P/s: I have been following Chris Oatley’s website, and it’s like a website you can never miss if you are on your way of breaking into animation/game industry. One of his artcasts has resulted me into a challenge – post a sketch every day, doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad. (To push myself to sketch more, obviously, and to stay active on the magical internet. 🙂 ) I always post it on Tumblr, and it automatically generates posts on Twitter. Just giving you heads up!

Challenge yourself something, from today!. :)Why?

Listen to Chris Oatley’s artcast about Artistic Growth Is NOT A Goal & How To Become An Early Riser :: ArtCast #58, because it’s a great motivation.

Dream it, achieve it 🙂

EDIT: my friend just told me that this podcast does NOT support the “sketch everyday” mentality, and probably I should listen to it again, more carefully… 😀 but to be honest I am feeling great and feeling like i’m improving with this challenge. For now I will keep doing it (I’ve been sketching everyday before too, but i never showed it to anybody. And by publishing my sketches everyday, it gives me a pressure to put more efforts.)