Hi everybody! Finally I have some time to clean the dust on my blog 🙂

Soooo another happy news for me:

My illustration is published on Aniway Agenda 2013-2014! 🙂 I’m very excited because now, those who buy this Agenda will have my illustration in their pocket on daily basis, throughout one whole year! 🙂

Well, maybe not in their pocket since it’s quite big and heavy.. 😛

Illustration – Giraffe Sky

2013-06-03 16.04.51 2013-06-03 16.05.55

By the way, also I went to Animecon as a Dealer (Yeah!) and was sitting in Dealer room because I’m a proud member of Phantom Night 

Taken by Sil-Hong Wong

Taken by Sil-Hong Wong, chillin’ with my Phantom member Prochaine

I made a lot of artwork (commissions) for customers, and a loads of loads of new friends.

By the way, in the end of this June, there is a brand new convention called “Almere cosplay” and I had an honor to design their poster 🙂


and hey, just like in Animecon 2013, I will be taking commissions again in this convention 😉 Come visit me in Dealer room! I will gladly Animefy you or Chibify you! :*

Lots of love xxx