kachiuI wish you all luck and may all your wishes come true this year ❤ Success in everything 🙂

I was listening to the radio and i got this song when it turns 2013 so i will just post it.. hihi ^_^ This song reminds me so much about the US. It was on radio almost every time i listened to it ahaha

So i’m just sitting at home celebrating new year with 2 cats, eating vla and oliebollen ❤ in my city, the firework was everywhere since 7pm, and at 12am, it got soooo much “worse” 😀

And omg there is this couple they made my day, they just randomly set up fireworks on the street i live on and brightened up my window ❤ seems like they were setting up fireworks around the city ! i love them ❤ So from my window, 180 degrees all firework on the sky!

Fireworks are just so amazing, aren’t they?

Sooooo it was such an amazing start of the year, i wish you guys also will have an amazing year too, my 2013 is just so promising 🙂

By the way, i start praticing western comic style, if you’ve noticed! I will talk about it more specifically later 😉

Love and love and love,